How to Detect Crypto Scam?

How to Detect Crypto Scam

Spam, Scum or SCAM? There is only one rule in a decentralized world: Let’s explore the basic ways to protect yourself against scammers in the crypto industry.

Detecting a scammer is easy. Here is a checklist that may help you do that:

Let’s consider each case individually.

Check sender’s login in posts

You can find the Atomic team on social media by searching “@atomicwallet”. That is the only login we use. If you see something else, be sure — that’s not us, that’s not our post, and this is a scam. In addition, we don’t make ETH giveaways and never did. Remember it, and you won’t fall prey for a scam on social media.

Check a domain

When checking a domain, you must see “Atomic protocol” and “https” security in your browser address bar. Make sure you can check connection security. If you can’t, then it is a phishing website. The domain must be exactly:, without any additions like in the previous example, and the install file must have our logo. The original page  looks like this:

Check application developers

When surfing the web or Play Market, pay attention to the developer name. You must see “Atomic Wallet”, not any other names. On the screen below, you can see a completely other “Atomic Wallet”, which is not related to us in any way. It’s someone else’s app.

Check the email sender’s address

The address of the email must content the “O” letter, not a zero “0”, without upper letters, like “AT0MICWALLET.IO”, etc. The only one email domain of Atomic Wallet is valid for communications: This is the domain where you can  and the domain you receive emails from us.

Check admin login on Telegram

Check a pinned message in our Telegram chat and be sure you are in contact with one of our official admins listed in the message. If it’s someone else, then it’s a scam!

The list of nevers

In order to protect yourself from scammers, you must bear in mind some things that you never will do, whatever the circumstances.

We never ask for your private keys or mnemonic phrase. Your keys are stored in an encrypted manner only on your device and we never need them for any purpose. Your backup phrase is the most important part of funds safety. 

Beware of scammers who ask you that information:

NEVER send anyone a deposit!

We never ask your funds to fix some issues! Your assets are safely stored on the Blockchain, even if it doesn’t displayed in your wallet for some reason.

Atomic Wallet is a decentralized App, we don’t store any data of yours, so your money is entirely under your control.Bear that in mind, and you’ll be invulnerable to scammer attacks.

We are sure you will be attentive and careful i order to keep your money safe! Download our wallet at ???? and enjoy your cryptos being safely managed!