How to Mine Bitcoins?

Why people mine Bitcoin?

It’s the first cryptocurrency that became the ancestor of all forks and altcoins. This is the original digital asset that uses blockchain and encryption.

Why Bitcoin? The attractiveness of this cryptocurrency lies in its features.

Let us dwell on them briefly:

Let’s make a small digression. When Bitcoin has appeared, no one took the cryptocurrency seriously. Very few people drew attention to the new technology.

But these enthusiasts believed in Bitcoin and made their first investment. No one then could have imagined that once the new virtual coin would step over the line and even reach a value of $ 20,000. There are many stories that some programmers, purely out of interest, began to mine Bitcoin, and now they are fabulously rich.

How to check if mining is legal in your country?

The Coin Dance portal conducted a study of the in different countries and reported that the first cryptocurrency is completely legal in at least 111 countries. Great news, right?

Only 3 countries don’t give Bitcoin legal status and it’s outlawed only in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu, and Vietnam. Bitcoin received the status of “limited” in nine countries, but the list includes such big markets as China and .

Most of these countries simply haven’t determined cryptocurrencies’ official status. So, should you worry about the legality of Bitcoin mining? You can always check its status on the Coin Dance website. However, we don’t make any predictions for the future. There are always risks, and especially this applies to the cryptocurrency business.

Bitcoin Mining Calculator

Bitcoin Mining Calculator is an online program that calculates the miner’s income, energy losses, payback on equipment costs and other parameters (depending on the service). The principle is simple: you indicate a series of values, after which the system makes calculations and gives the results in tabular form.

You can use such information to decide on the purchase of equipment for cryptocurrency mining. If the program shows low or “minus” profitability, it’s better to refuse this earning option or improve the equipment. 

Speaking in technical language, the Bitcoin mining calculator is a special algorithm that uses already embedded and new parameters to perform calculations. Depending on the complexity, the program analyzes only the given parameters or current and future (probable) indicators in the cryptocurrency network (course, complexity, and so on).

In the process of computing, the algorithm applies many variables that are in constant motion and can change throughout the day. The most important parameters include complexity, which changes every 2016 blocks, the exchange rate (is updated several times per hour) and the premium for 1 mined BTC (changes every 4 years). Thanks to the control of these indicators, your task is simplified, because you need to enter only a few numbers. It’s a great tool that can predict future profit.

Now, let’s talk about three main ways to mine Bitcoin.

1 Way: Buy Bitcoin Mining Software

A bit of theory. In general, miners are using the following types of software:

Join Mining Pool

Soon after the appearance of Bitcoin, energetic miners realized that the process of earning can be significantly accelerated if you act not alone. The benefits of this method were felt even by those who possessed high-power equipment. After all, if you , you will have to constantly increase the hashrate by buying or improving the software. And it’s impossible to do this infinitely, then we talk about sky-high sums. 

A mining pool is a server whose task is to divide one large and difficult computing task into many easier ones and distribute these small tasks to all devices connected to the network.

It turns out that the capacities of all participants are simultaneously working on a task and the chances of finding a block are increasing. Each miner, as far as possible, contributes to the common cause, and then receives a reward, also in accordance with the invested resources.

When choosing a mining pool, it’s important to pay attention to its total hashrate. The larger it is, the more likely is the block closing. Small pools have more chances to succeed than in the case with solo miners.

It’s very interesting! There is such a subtype of pools as multipool. The multipool allows you to mine different coins and it automatically switches to the most profitable one if the user activates the appropriate setting.

2 Way: Use Cloud Mining

This is an alternative for people who don’t have 3-5 thousand dollars to buy equipment, but dream of making a profit on cryptocurrency mining. Cloud services are sites that provide Bitcoin and other mining companies. Employees of such organizations buy equipment, set it up, pay money for electricity and solve other related problems. Customers simply buy power and use it to mine virtual coins.

The services cost depends on the company. For example, let’s consider The cost of 10 gigahash per second will cost 60 cents. If you take 1 terahash per second, the cost will be $ 600. The advantages of this solution are: 

The danger is that when working through cloud mining, you can get into scammers. If you choose proven services, then you’ll see that almost all their capacities are sold out. Another minus is the commissions that are charged by the company to cover costs. It all depends on your choice. So, consider wisely.

3 Way: Get Bitcoin Mining Software

Most cloud mining services provide their members with up-to-date software. However, experienced miners recommend that beginners additionally use special tools to monitor the performance of their PC processor. So, there are five most popular Bitcoin mining programs for 2019.

Nice Hash MinerLegacy

Free universal app with a simple interface. It supports several mining algorithms, so it allows you to mine not only Bitcoin. There is a function to automatically select the most profitable coin at the current time.

Due to its simplicity, beginners like the program, although professionals consider it one of the most convenient options. It’s noteworthy that no matter what currency you get, payments are always made in BTC. 

Claymore’s Dual Miner

Also, a universal and free open source program. It works with video cards and supports most altcoin algorithms. Many consider it as the most effective tool for mining Ether.

The software is more suitable for experienced users than for beginners. It has many subtle settings that can significantly increase mining efficiency. 


The simplest tool with an easy to understand interface. It allows you to mine Bitcoin and several other coins. Easyminer is combined with console programs like Minerd, Cudaminer, Ccminer, Cgminer. Works with asics, processors, video cards.

It has a Bitcoin solo-mining with independent pool selection. The program also shows detailed information about the process and the earned funds. 


A multifunctional free app that is suitable for mining BTC and altcoins. Works with GPU, FPGA, ASIC. It features a wide selection of settings that allow you to finely tailor everything to fit your needs.

It monitors the temperature of devices, the speed of coolers. BFGMiner allows you to work simultaneously in multiple pools. There are versions for Windows and Linux. The program is primarily suitable for professionals since it’s quite difficult to configure.


One of the first programs operating since 2011. It helped thousands of enthusiasts to earn money. From the very beginning, Cgminer was suited only for the Bitcoin algorithm — SHA-256, but subsequently, it has connected other protocols (Neoscrypt, Phoenix, Cryptonight, etc.).

The software is a console, that is, it doesn’t have a graphical version. All the work is done through the command line. If you feel more comfortable with a graphical interface, then you can optionally install the CGWatcher program.

Instead of a conclusion

Now you know about three popular ways to mine Bitcoin in 2019. History is cyclical, and a new wave of hype may happen when Bitcoin again will cost $ 20,000 or even more. But, for objective reasons, we can’t make a clear forecast.

Therefore, worth it to by mining equipment or join the pool — it’s up to you.

The only thing is that you can make money. But at the same time, there is a risk of being in an unpleasant situation when the rate can drop significantly and then the payback will take longer than anticipated. Keep this in mind!